Lake of Bays Brewing Launches Partner Brewing Service

Baysville, Ontario – Lake of Bays Brewing Co. has announced the launch of their partner brewing service. Since its inception in 2010, Lake of Bays has grown to become one of Ontario’s top breweries. The brewery has made beer for partner organizations over the years, and has now built this out into a full-fledged service offering. Their partner brewing service will allow new breweries to enter the industry as well as support licensed breweries looking for extra capacity.

In addition to two state-of-the-art facilities that encourage the brewers to work with a wide range of beer styles, Lake of Bays’ partner brewing service will offer the ability to package in cans or kegs and capacity of 50 to 100 hectolitre batches at a time. Custom batch sizes will also be available. The brewing team boasts a wide range of experience, both locally and internationally, and have been perfecting recipes at Lake of Bays for over eight years. Brewmaster Dan Unkerskov fearlessly leads the team, having worked in the beer industry for over 30 years.

More details on Lake of Bays’ partner brewing capabilities can be found on their website. The brewery can be contacted directly for more information on the partner brewing service.

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