Henderson Brewing Launches it’s Ides of March Beer

Toronto, Ontario – “It is one of Toronto’s great mysteries – we have a Terminal 1 and a Terminal 3 at Pearson Airport, but where did Terminal 2 go?” muses Henderson Brewing’s VIP of Sales, Adin Wener “We try to bring a piece of Toronto history – both big and small – to life each month in our Ides series, and this is a perfect Ides Story”.

Image Courtesy of Henderson Brewing

Henderson Brewing Co. is set to launch it’s newest beer, the ‘Ides of March 2019 – Terminal 2 Bière de Mars’ this Friday, March 15th at 6pm sharp at their Sterling Road brewery. “We had hoped it was something intriguing, like a secret conspiracy to keep the terminal hidden for future space travel. Maybe to Mars” Wener continues. But the story is less dramatic – Toronto Pearson International Airport did in fact have three terminals but in 2007, Terminal 1’s expansion meant that it was able to absorb the operations from the smaller terminal. What’s left is a quirky and unique terminal-numbering system that feels “distinctly Torontonian” to Wener, “and worthy of celebrating through beer.”

Every monthly Ides launch, Henderson pairs up with a different food partner that is in some way tied to the beer style or the story behind it, and this month is no exception. Keeping with the airport theme, and the story behind the Terminal 2 brew, Caplansky’s Deli, which is now based in Pearson’s Terminal 3, will be onhand with complimentary sliders at 6pm sharp.

The Bière de Mars, which literally translates to “Beer for March” was traditionally brewed only for the month of March. Terminal 2 (the beer) is inspired by the classic farmhouse ales of France, which were brewed in Spring, but could be enjoyed year-round.

“A Bière de Mars is a traditional French farmhouse beer style. Think of it as the malty cousin of Saison.” explains Henderson brewer Tomas Madsen “Terminal 2 is a copper farmhouse ale hinting at Spring, and we thought timing was perfect to release it as this year’s Ides of March.”

Henderson’s Ides of March is crisp, malt-forward, and finishes dry. It has an ABV of 6.4%, and will be available at their Tap Room & Bottle Shop, located in Toronto’s Junction Triangle, as well as select bars and restaurants across the GTA for a limited time only. Like all of Henderson’s Ides brews, they are brewed only once and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

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